Monday, November 22, 2010


I think the meaning of Thanksgiving is too often overlooked...this year I'm grateful for a healthy, happy and loved family. I'm thankful for the happiness that Cody and I experience everyday through our jobs, each other, our friends and family, and especially our little (getting big!) girl Grace.

This Thanksgiving our family now remembers two people in particular who we lost around Thanksgiving, a dear friend who we lost last year from Marshall, Sadie, and now a friend of Cody's, and family friend, Brianne from Pierre who we lost only days ago. We will remember both of your personalities and what you brought into our lives always. We will remember your families during this especially hard time to lose loved ones. We are grateful for the moments we had with you, and the lessons we learned from you.

So, is my Christmas tree up? No.
Are there holiday decorations? No.
Do I have any gifts bought? Yes. One.
And I'm not playing Christmas music...yet.
Is my daughter happy and talking about Christmas everyday? Yes.
Because snow=Christmas in her world!

This holiday season, Cody and I are trying to be especially mindful of slowing down an enjoying the time we have. There will be no rushing too and from, there will be laughter, hugs, and good times (and of course good food). We are reminded of how thankful we need to be for everyday and remember how truly blessed we are. What are you thankful for this year?

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