Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Family Photos

More gorgeous pictures of the fam. My mother-in-law, Michele, was ever so kind and patient with us one beautiful morning and took TONS, and TONS of photos of our little fam. We first enjoyed a bountiful breakfast at Perkins and then headed over to LaFromboise Island. We went for a walk (okay it was a LOONNNGGG walk). But as you can see, Grace was happy, and we all had a great time enjoying each others company.

As you can tell, she is an amazing photographer. She specializes in nature photography, but certainly does an amazing job with portrait photography as well. Recently, I was able to get some of these prints in my house. I love how they look. Great memories, thank you for capturing these for us and letting us share them. Love you!

There is no place where she feels more like the queen of the world than on Daddy's shoulders.


She loves playing in the leaves. This is one of my favorite photos. I cannot get enough of that smile.

Another of my favorites. I think this photo captured a lot of emotions!

We have daily bribes in our life with our little stinker. The bribe of this day was that if she was a really good girl, and smiled for Grandma's camera, she would get to play at the park. This made her happy in her heart. I'm in love with this picture of her.
Fun! Probably had bruises on my thighs and hips for a week after trying to squeeze down the slides. Ouch.
What a doll-face.
My handsome, wonderful hubby and I. I don't post enough raves about this guy on my blog. He's a pretty amazing guy, and puts up with a lot having three girls (including the dog Remi) in the house. And it's not only that I think he's amazing, but I think he's pretty good lookin' too.
She snapped a few pictures in our backyard the night before we went to the island. They are some of my favorites. I love this picture. Cody looks like he was in pain - he said he probably was. Poor him.
Love G's cheeseball face in this one...and my hubby looks so cute in this one too.
Favorite again! As you can see, I have a lot of favorites.
These boots are made for walkin'....or runnin' in G's case.

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