Monday, October 25, 2010

State Fair

Turns out the state fair was going on the same weekend that my dad was going "prairie doggin" he took a detour from his normal route up to the middle of no-where and dropped mom off in Huron to meet the three of us to head over to the state fair - yee-haw....right? Well, we had Martina tickets, so that a lot of fun - she's amazing!

Yum, state fair food!

Cody and I at Martina....Grace is not in the picture, because we were in a semi-meltdown mode. Cheers.

As you can see, Grace was very serious about putting "lip-stuff" on my mom and I. It was gooped on so heavily I think my lips about stuck together.

Animals! We had fun checking out all the different animals...I believe this was the exotic petting zoo...there were some strange things in there, I don't even know if I had heard of some of these guys!

Grace's favorite "ride" was the slide! She had a good time, and as you can see, so did mom! Fun!

My mom and G! Love this one.

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