Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, the little things!

I've been trying to jot down a few of those little statements and things that have happened's these little hilarious everyday things that I never want to forget about the phase that Grace is going through right now. The, "I think I'm 16 phase." Gotta love here. Here are a few things I'd love to share with you.

On the golf course on afternoon we were trying to keep Grace's voice and screaching to a minimum. I had to remind her she needed to be quiet...her little response:
Grace: "Mom, I'm just not thinking things through."

A few nights later, she was trying to get comfortable in her bed, and called me in to help her...
Mom: "What's wrong Grace?"
Grace: "I just cannot lay my head down properly!"

When we are driving on the highway, and she smells something she always asks
"What dat smell like?"
We smelled a skunk, and told her that's what it was. A few days later, she smelled that wonderful smell...
Grace: "That's a STUNK!"

When potty training hit in full force, I was trying to get her excited about wearing panties. We picked up dad on the first full day of potty training...
Mom: "Grace, tell daddy what you have on.."
Grace (in the most excited loud voice ever): "PAANNNTTTTIEEESS!!!"

When she is getting in trouble and is mad about getting in trouble and basically throwing a fit, she will suddenly realize that if she stops throwing her fit, most likely something good will in the midst of full on fit, she will stop and say
Grace: "I'm happy now!"

One day after Cody gets home from work:
Grace: "Hi dad, how are you, what are you going to do today? Did you have a nice day?"

I was out at the Buffalo Roundup for a week, and called my parents a few times because Grace was staying there for over a week without Cody and I. Mid conversation with Grace she says
Grace: "I'm done with you."

Last night, after a long week at the Round Up, Grace woke up at about 4:45, thanks mom and dad for creating that pattern btw, and I literally could not pull myself out of bed. I heard her wake up, and knew that I wasn't going to move, so this is the conversation we had back and forth from each others beds:
Mom: "Grace, you have GOT to go back to bed."
Grace: "By my eyes are open!"
Mom: "Grace, close them and go back to sleep."
Grace: "But I'm awake now!"

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