Thursday, July 22, 2010

For the 4th of July we went out the Black Hills and stayed with Cody's family in the northern Hills. It was a great chance for us all to get together and enjoy each others company and the Hills. Cody and his dad golfed on Saturday morning near Rapid City, so G and I had a little time to ourselves.

We took off for Storybook Island, a free part in Rapid. Grace really enjoyed everything the park offered - especially the swings - she literally could swing all day long! Here is her checking out all the little make believe houses and characters throughout the park.

Swinging away, all day!!! I think I would get sick if I went as long and as high as she does!

Wow, doesn't she just look EXCITED for the train ride?

Or, not?

She was smiling the entire time, except when she saw me with the camera. Little stinker.

These next two are two of my favorite pictures from Storybook Land.

Wait, maybe these two are! What a sweetie. Cody thinks that in these pictures she really looks like me. She is a good combination of the two of us I think. I see a lot of both of us in her. Of course, her sass and attitude is all dad. Her sleeping and eating skills are all mom.

Waiting for the train ride. This was one of her favorite parts of the whole weekend.

She sees the train pulling up! Soooo excited!

We rode from Keystone to Hill City, in Hill City we grabbed a quick bite to eat and boarded the train again. They do an old west reinactment/shootout in the evening in Hill City. The storyline was that some cowboys got on the train and were going to rob it, luckily the sheriff was around..and chased him off. Grace thought the entire act was real, what 2 year old wouldn't, she was pretty nervous...and we asked her what we should tell them...she yells.."GET OFF MY TRAIN!!!" Once the bad guys were laying "dead" on the ground off the train, I said, "wow, that was close.." and Grace yells, "THANK YOUUUU!" to the sheriff. Fun!

We drove up to Belle Fourche on the 4th of July in the morning to take in the parade followed by the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo. Grace had fun at the parade, enjoyed the horses, trucks, motorcycles, mini-donuts, and of course, CANDY!

This is Gracie at the was her first rodeo, and she enjoyed all the pretty horses and seeing the cows. It was a great event and we cannot wait until we can attend our next rodeo!

After the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo we drove back to the cabin near Lead, had a wonderful BBQ and got ready for the fireworks. Thanks to a great suggestion by a friend of mine from work, we found a great spot to watch the fireworks. We didn't really know the exact location my friend was talking about so we just guessed...ended up walking about 5 blocks with all of our junk, but we found it! I think all the locals were wondering who in the heck we were, it wasn't a touristy spot, but I think it's one of the best views of the fireworks I've ever had!

Thanks to the whole Richter/Jerke family for the enjoyable weekend together in the Black Hills.

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