Thursday, July 15, 2010


F - A - M - I - Lll - Y...Family, family. A song that Grace sings (she learned it from NickJr)...We have been singing it for awhile, but it's cute now because she will burst into this song when the three of us par-take in a group hug. How sweet.

Here are a couple photos of Grace and her cousin Connor, and the newest addition to our family, Baby Cameron. He's so stinkin' sweet.

This is Connor and Grace when they actually sat down for a minute...yes, practically only a minute. I love this photo.

Here is cousin Connor and Grace at their finest - they are so goofy and cute together.

Newest addtional, baby Cameron. Love him to pieces. I think this was when he realized I am his favorite auntie, much to Ashley and Lyndsey's dismay. When we went to visit on Father's Day weekend, Baby Cameron revisited his love for me...everytime I would pick him up, he was "ahhhh...sooo comfy." Would fall asleep on Auntie Katy in a minute! Same thing when we were out in the Black Hills on vacation with the Richter's...lovin' snoozing on Auntie Katy when he's crabby for mom and dad. Love it.

The awesome big brother Connor, baby Cameron, and their favorite Auntie! Hopefully Ashley and Lyndsey aren't reading this!!

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