Thursday, July 15, 2010

Easter Celebrations

It doesn't feel like all that long ago when we were shoving hats, coats, gloves, and boats on Grace. Sadly, it is not far away again.

Grandma and Grandpa came to our house to celebrate Easter a little bit early this year. Grace enjoyed the hunt that the Easter Bunny had left in the backyard. She was sooo busy finding all those eggs! Grandma filled a basket full of AWeSoME goodness for Grace...Lots of Dora stuff! Her favorite! It's always so nice when we have family come to stay with us. Love it!

Her pants began to fall down half way through the hunt...I didn't capture it on my camera, but Cody has it on video...even better. Funny!

This has become one of my favorite photos of her.

Easter weekend we drove to Marshall to spend the weekend there. One of Grace's favorite things at my parents house is the Gator Rides she gets from Poppa. It's funny, because now if she smells gas, or exhaust, she will say..."Smells like Poppa's kind." "Poppa's Kind" is every John Deere tractor that we see...Which sometimes progresses into any tractor, or big piece of machinery. Cute.

Neither of them could be happier than riding around on the gator together. Dad especially likes it when we come back to help pick up sticks...Grace actually is a great helper! Remi...not so much.

Awkward family photo...but she wasn't about to get out of that swing.

My love.

So I'm a terrible mom...I never want to paint eggs...Not a big fan of that traditional part of Easter. But, guess what we did anyway. I like that my moms sweater is covered in little stickers.

And I obviously need to get over not wanting to paint eggs - look at the grin on that little girls face! She loved it.

And the final products look AWESOME...Except I don't like to eat them...but they sure look pretty.

This is funny...I think that Remi stayed in the house while we were on the hunt, just like she did with the hunt at our house with Grandma and Grandpa.

Remi was just ever so curious at what could possibly be in all those little balls. They opened eggs "together" as you see here for a short..very short time. Grace clearly wasn't up for sharing her loot with the dog...

And that made Remi mad...Here is Remi trying to do anything she can to get a bite outta that basket! I love this picture. Still is a great representation of their relationship...except usually Grace doesn't have that cute little smile on when this is happening.

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