Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So sorry it's been so long. I'll be on a bloggin' role now. Promise. I have so many fun photos to share with family and friends.

Everything has been going great out here in South Dakota. Cody is enjoying his job, and I have been too. Grace continues to enjoy the kids at Adele's house - they get to go outside and play everyday - wonderful! She comes home in a different outfit everyday - dirty is good!

Cody bought me a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas, and I love it! Grace and I took under quite a project early this spring, rainbow cupcakes! So much fun!

Here is what the process looked like:

Oops, looks like we forgot to take some photos of the final product...probably because I didn't want you to see us stuffing our faces with AMAZING tasting cupcakes. Grace and I got down and dirty with this fun project. It is a lot of work though...maybe once a year I'll take this one on... !!!

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