Thursday, July 22, 2010

For the 4th of July we went out the Black Hills and stayed with Cody's family in the northern Hills. It was a great chance for us all to get together and enjoy each others company and the Hills. Cody and his dad golfed on Saturday morning near Rapid City, so G and I had a little time to ourselves.

We took off for Storybook Island, a free part in Rapid. Grace really enjoyed everything the park offered - especially the swings - she literally could swing all day long! Here is her checking out all the little make believe houses and characters throughout the park.

Swinging away, all day!!! I think I would get sick if I went as long and as high as she does!

Wow, doesn't she just look EXCITED for the train ride?

Or, not?

She was smiling the entire time, except when she saw me with the camera. Little stinker.

These next two are two of my favorite pictures from Storybook Land.

Wait, maybe these two are! What a sweetie. Cody thinks that in these pictures she really looks like me. She is a good combination of the two of us I think. I see a lot of both of us in her. Of course, her sass and attitude is all dad. Her sleeping and eating skills are all mom.

Waiting for the train ride. This was one of her favorite parts of the whole weekend.

She sees the train pulling up! Soooo excited!

We rode from Keystone to Hill City, in Hill City we grabbed a quick bite to eat and boarded the train again. They do an old west reinactment/shootout in the evening in Hill City. The storyline was that some cowboys got on the train and were going to rob it, luckily the sheriff was around..and chased him off. Grace thought the entire act was real, what 2 year old wouldn't, she was pretty nervous...and we asked her what we should tell them...she yells.."GET OFF MY TRAIN!!!" Once the bad guys were laying "dead" on the ground off the train, I said, "wow, that was close.." and Grace yells, "THANK YOUUUU!" to the sheriff. Fun!

We drove up to Belle Fourche on the 4th of July in the morning to take in the parade followed by the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo. Grace had fun at the parade, enjoyed the horses, trucks, motorcycles, mini-donuts, and of course, CANDY!

This is Gracie at the was her first rodeo, and she enjoyed all the pretty horses and seeing the cows. It was a great event and we cannot wait until we can attend our next rodeo!

After the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo we drove back to the cabin near Lead, had a wonderful BBQ and got ready for the fireworks. Thanks to a great suggestion by a friend of mine from work, we found a great spot to watch the fireworks. We didn't really know the exact location my friend was talking about so we just guessed...ended up walking about 5 blocks with all of our junk, but we found it! I think all the locals were wondering who in the heck we were, it wasn't a touristy spot, but I think it's one of the best views of the fireworks I've ever had!

Thanks to the whole Richter/Jerke family for the enjoyable weekend together in the Black Hills.

Daddy's Girl

Well, let's just say mom and dad had to do something to make dad jealous when he was out of town...So I took G to Dad's favorite place, Pier 347, the coffee shop in Pierre. Cody always tries to be sneaking over there without me knowing...One time he took Grace there when I was out of town, and told her not to tell mommy they were there...Well, we all drove by once, and Grace spilled the beans! is our little coffee shop diva.

The Beach!

We wish we could spend everyday, all day at the beach! The water is sooo warm at this part of the river, and when we get there early enough, we have a perfect spot under our favorite tree. Grace is becoming quite the little waterbug...she loves her floaties.

What a cheeseball! Can you tell I asked her to say Cheessseee!!

This is quickly becoming my favorite part about our move to Pierre...the wonderful water. Now we just need to get a boat...Cody doesn't need to be convinced of this, trust me.

Too Cute

Aren't these two cute together? This was at Brett and Mandy's wedding. Brett is a high school friend of Cody's, and we are so glad to have both him and Mandy in our lives. Grace adores the two of them, especially Mandy. She wanted to spend every minute with Mandy on Mandy's special day.

It was a gorgeous wedding, and we send all of our love, best wishes, and blessings out to Mandy and Brett - the Fergen's!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cody's parents invited us to attend a Twin's game with them in May. We had a BLAST! It was sooo much fun to have a little get away with them. We drove to Marshall on Friday night..Saturday morning Kevin, Michele, Cody and I headed up to the cities. We were able to stop and see my Grandma at her new home up there, which was really nice. I hadn't seen her for quite awhile. The four of us had a great time together, we laughed and had made some great memories.

We stayed near Mystic Lake Casino that night - I hadn't been there for a long time and we all had a good time. Stayed up way too late though!

Cody at the new stadium. We ROASTED out there at first. It was stormy the whole way up to the cities, but that quickly changed. Finally, the sun went behind the stadium and the entire crowd joined in an "ahhhh..."

Cody and his dad.

Fun weekend! Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us up there! And thanks to Nana and Poppa for watching the maniac!

1880 Train Gear

I was out in the Black Hills for a location tour for about 5 days...I really missed Cody and Grace back home. The guests rode on the train that goes from Hill City to Keystone - the folks at the 1880 Train gifted us all with these marvelous items. Grace loves them.

When we were out in the Hills over the 4th of July, we took Grace on the train ride. She had a blast. I'll post those photos soon enough...we are caught up to May now! :)


Zesto is one of our favorite places in Pierre. I always used to make fun of Cody because he told me about this awesome icecream shop in Pierre...I never believed him, maybe it's because I'm from the hometown of Schwans. But, regardless, I must admit this ONE time...that I was wrong...Zesto rocks.

I'll post more pictures of Zesto later this summer I'm sure! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wow, the yard and trees certainly look different right now! This was obviously quite awhile ago because there are no leaves on the trees. But I love these photos of Grace and Remi in her wagon. Grace was very opposed to Remi riding with her at first, but I convinced her the ride would be short lived...because Remi has even less of an attention span than Grace does.

"You like it Remi? ... Yup this is my wagon...You can ride in it!?"

Funny, because you can see Cody's old car in the driveway! We pulled the trigger early this summer and bought a new SUV - LOVE IT...So grateful that we bought it when we did...It has made our summer adventures at the river, vacationing, and visiting family soooo much easier! Grace can watch her shows on the DVD player that is on the headrest of the seat in front of her...with her wireless headphones more Dora songs to be heard by mom and dad...Oh, the little things.


We are lucky enough to have a park very close by our house. I also believe we are lucky because when you are at our house, you cannot see the park. We have been able to trick Grace thus far into thinking the park is much further away than it actually is. Usually, if we go to the park in the car, we take quite a detour. On this late spring day we biked up there. We went around the long way...she still doesn't have a clue that it's just up the hill. Thank goodness. I'm going to take advantage of her innocence for as long as possible! :)

I love this photo of Grace and her Daddy. So sweet together.

The park is awesome!! She is absolutely in love with swinging...but this park has some pretty sweet slides that she loves too. Love that smile!


F - A - M - I - Lll - Y...Family, family. A song that Grace sings (she learned it from NickJr)...We have been singing it for awhile, but it's cute now because she will burst into this song when the three of us par-take in a group hug. How sweet.

Here are a couple photos of Grace and her cousin Connor, and the newest addition to our family, Baby Cameron. He's so stinkin' sweet.

This is Connor and Grace when they actually sat down for a minute...yes, practically only a minute. I love this photo.

Here is cousin Connor and Grace at their finest - they are so goofy and cute together.

Newest addtional, baby Cameron. Love him to pieces. I think this was when he realized I am his favorite auntie, much to Ashley and Lyndsey's dismay. When we went to visit on Father's Day weekend, Baby Cameron revisited his love for me...everytime I would pick him up, he was "ahhhh...sooo comfy." Would fall asleep on Auntie Katy in a minute! Same thing when we were out in the Black Hills on vacation with the Richter's...lovin' snoozing on Auntie Katy when he's crabby for mom and dad. Love it.

The awesome big brother Connor, baby Cameron, and their favorite Auntie! Hopefully Ashley and Lyndsey aren't reading this!!

Easter Celebrations

It doesn't feel like all that long ago when we were shoving hats, coats, gloves, and boats on Grace. Sadly, it is not far away again.

Grandma and Grandpa came to our house to celebrate Easter a little bit early this year. Grace enjoyed the hunt that the Easter Bunny had left in the backyard. She was sooo busy finding all those eggs! Grandma filled a basket full of AWeSoME goodness for Grace...Lots of Dora stuff! Her favorite! It's always so nice when we have family come to stay with us. Love it!

Her pants began to fall down half way through the hunt...I didn't capture it on my camera, but Cody has it on video...even better. Funny!

This has become one of my favorite photos of her.

Easter weekend we drove to Marshall to spend the weekend there. One of Grace's favorite things at my parents house is the Gator Rides she gets from Poppa. It's funny, because now if she smells gas, or exhaust, she will say..."Smells like Poppa's kind." "Poppa's Kind" is every John Deere tractor that we see...Which sometimes progresses into any tractor, or big piece of machinery. Cute.

Neither of them could be happier than riding around on the gator together. Dad especially likes it when we come back to help pick up sticks...Grace actually is a great helper! Remi...not so much.

Awkward family photo...but she wasn't about to get out of that swing.

My love.

So I'm a terrible mom...I never want to paint eggs...Not a big fan of that traditional part of Easter. But, guess what we did anyway. I like that my moms sweater is covered in little stickers.

And I obviously need to get over not wanting to paint eggs - look at the grin on that little girls face! She loved it.

And the final products look AWESOME...Except I don't like to eat them...but they sure look pretty.

This is funny...I think that Remi stayed in the house while we were on the hunt, just like she did with the hunt at our house with Grandma and Grandpa.

Remi was just ever so curious at what could possibly be in all those little balls. They opened eggs "together" as you see here for a short..very short time. Grace clearly wasn't up for sharing her loot with the dog...

And that made Remi mad...Here is Remi trying to do anything she can to get a bite outta that basket! I love this picture. Still is a great representation of their relationship...except usually Grace doesn't have that cute little smile on when this is happening.