Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remi and Grace

Here is Remi and Grace - this is last week I think? When Remi was on my good side. You will see in a future post that this is no longer the case. I keep buying her toys - but she DESTROYS them all ... this was the case with this super fun tug of war toy .... gonzie to the garbage. Along with a couple others already.

Sad that I can barely smile about how cute they are together after this week...

Anyway ... Grace is now doing excellent at going to the potty ... YAY! She only has had a handful of accidents - plus she has been staying dry at night and during naps ! Whoo-hoo Gracie Girl! Here is a picture of her "Puuuussshhhh"-ing on the potty. When we make her try going she says "puuussshhhh .... errrrrr .... Can't do it, too hard." Cutie ... She is so going to hate me for this picture - oh wait, I have video too! Oopps! (My justification is that she started making that hilarious face while Cody was gone this week...he wouldn't want to miss that!!)

Yay!!! She did it! "A BIG ONE!"

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