Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ohhhh Sshhremington ...

Two weekends ago we enjoyed the company of Cody's parents and sister Ashley! Grandma Michele cannot get enough of Grace calling Grandpa "Crap-pa" ...very distinctly. "Ohhh you can't say that enough Grace!" We had a good time, and went to eat at the Cattlemen's - yum...a favorite of Grace's too. Primerib has been a long time favorite of hers...Why can't it be on the kids menu?

Last weekend my parents came up for a visit, they also brought my grandparents along. It was nice to see them, and I think they enjoyed being able to visit us and our new home.

Cody's mom stayed with Grace and I on Monday night - we went to the Cattlemens for more primerib on Monday night too! I got a 16 oz piece , and I am certain that Grace and I split it even...crazy girl! I was telling her that we were going to see Grandma - "Great Grandma?" she asked ... "No regular Grandma." - I informed .... the thought for a minute and then said... "Ohhh...Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle Grandma?!" ! Haha cute, I am not sure if she was mixing regular and wiggle - or is she was associating it with Grandma's amazing singing and dancing skills!

Cody was gone this week...and let me tell you what - Remi is going to be going to the kennel next time he is out of town...This gets a little lengthly - but this was the story of my week with Remi...Series of events:

1. Sunday night, Cody just left...Remi is out in the backyard, which is fenced in, and has a metal gate to get in and out. Peachy - right? NOPE! The latch on the gate fell off early this winter and the snow bank was holding the gate shut. Not anymore since it has melted. I peek out the window, Remi is no where to be found, and the gate is wide open. NOW WHAT AM I GOING TO DO - Leave Grace in the house and search for the dog? Don't prefer to - but I also didn't want to bundle her up for however long! Luckily, I peeked around the corner of the house and she was dumb enough to be just standing there - like an idiot...Too bad she didn't run away - it would have made the rest of the week MUCH easier!

2. I realize that somehow I HAVE to get this gate to stay shut. No bungie cords, no rope...nothing. Hmmm, how about one of those hiker clips with the metal hinge? Mmmm, possibly except it wouldn't reach from the hook on the house to the gate....Duct tape - you're my BEST friend...I rigged this baby up! I made a make-shift ring big enough to reach the metal clip. Good luck getting in meter-reader! :)

3. Monday night - Remi is downstairs SUPPOSED to be eating. Instead I check on her after 3 minutes - she has the lid to a rubbermaid container, (which is BIG...since it holds all our shoes so she doesn't get ahold of them..HA!) INSIDE of her kennel. She is laying on it - chewing on the shoe she has already previously destroyed. REALLY remi? At least she picked one she already ruined.

4. Later Monday night - I put her HUGE container of food ontop of the lid to the rubbermaid container holding our shoes in hopes of this being enough to prevent her from getting it off again. I go to check on her after a few minutes (remember she is supposed to be eating) and she has my CREAM colored wool dress coat IN her kennel, again laying on it, pulling/eating buttons off of it. No supper for Remi tonight - all she sees is kennel.

5. Tuesday night - she can barely breathe without me yelling at her. Sees mostly the backyard and her kennel.

5. Wednesday at lunch - Again, supposed to be eating - And this time I am sitting in the living room right outside her room , it SOUNDS like she is eating...How silly am I...of course she isn't...Rather she decided to start TEARING apart the two small patches of carpeting back there. No lunch for you dog! She is on my s*** list for the rest of her life.

Thus - this is what most of Remi's week looked like:

Remi and Grace

Here is Remi and Grace - this is last week I think? When Remi was on my good side. You will see in a future post that this is no longer the case. I keep buying her toys - but she DESTROYS them all ... this was the case with this super fun tug of war toy .... gonzie to the garbage. Along with a couple others already.

Sad that I can barely smile about how cute they are together after this week...

Anyway ... Grace is now doing excellent at going to the potty ... YAY! She only has had a handful of accidents - plus she has been staying dry at night and during naps ! Whoo-hoo Gracie Girl! Here is a picture of her "Puuuussshhhh"-ing on the potty. When we make her try going she says "puuussshhhh .... errrrrr .... Can't do it, too hard." Cutie ... She is so going to hate me for this picture - oh wait, I have video too! Oopps! (My justification is that she started making that hilarious face while Cody was gone this week...he wouldn't want to miss that!!)

Yay!!! She did it! "A BIG ONE!"