Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What we are up to!

So what have we been up to out here? Seems like lots !

We are always looking forward to having visitors, whether it is Cody's parents, my parents, or Cody's sister Ashley - we have had a ton of fun with family coming to visit.

I just started a new job in the Office of Tourism - I already love it. The people I work with are energetic, helpful, and fun! I know that once I grow into my position that it will be a great fit for me (and our family) .... The nights and weekends at Christopher and Banks were getting to be too much for our young little family, and it made visiting our friends and family really hard.

We just got a new puppy - Remmington!! Grace also got a kitty from her Auntie Ashley for Christmas , she was such a nice kitty , Stella...unfortunately she was just having way too many accidents in the house so we had to send her back to her mommy and daddy...as we tell Grace. Grace and I were really sad about it , but we just couldn't have a kitty doing that in our house. Here is Grace with Remi and Macy , "shissers" as Grace says. Cody's parents have Remi's sister!!

This is on the way back to Pierre ... with a brand new puppy ... and a brand new kitty. Keep in mind, we had to make this drive with two brand new animals and a two-year old ... Fun.... Oh , forgot to mention its a 2.5 hour drive. Major fun!

Just ridin' home! Stella was under the seat foaming at the mouth!

Here are my 3 cuties! This is the most recent picture we have taken - Remi is getting huge!

Typical .... "Really" as Grace now says... and also "hmmmm interesting!"

This is a photo the day Grace got her first haircut! She did such a good job letting the stylist work on her hair. And Cody and I cannot figure out why we didn't get it done earlier - so much easier to comb!

Here are my parents and Grace at Christmas at the Capital! The whole capital is adorned with about 100 trees - including one that is over 40 feet tall - HUGE and BEAUTIFUL - I have never seen anything like this before. We went to check it out about 4 times. We couldn't get enough!

MMmmm, this was our first Thanksgiving prepared alone - Fortunately , the picture is not a true representation of the whole meal. The meal was amazing - unfortunately when I went to take a quick snooze, Cody told me he would take care of the pie.... this is evidence that that clearly did not happen.... Yikes! Stinky! Luckily I had made a pudding pie too!

Pumpkin Pickin Time ! Nearby Cody's grandparents home is Ralph's house - who has an AMAZING vegetable garden every year. He is kind enough to share them with us - including these pumpkins.

This is a picture of Grace and I when the 3 of us went down to the Discovery Museum in Pierre...Grace had a good time there with many of the exhibits. It is nice to have attractions like this in town to enjoy during the cooler months.

Here is Auntie Ashley and Grace on a cool winter day when she came to visit! Grace loves her visits! She is only sad because it was soo cold and her mittens were falling off!

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