Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Official...I'm a terrible blogger

It's official - I was terrible at blogging for far too long ... so this is the start to a "new year" in February for me , and I'm going to be better about updating this. You may see many posts in the next couple days to get you caught up .

We have so much to be thankful for - a beautiful new home, a new job (without nights and weekends) for Katy, and Grace just being amazing.

Here are a couple pictures of the house...

The things I love about being in our house -
1. Decorating with my mom
2. Having our parents and family for visits
3. Cody cooking breakfast on the weekends
4. Grace feeling so cozy here .... its her house and her cars....of course they are!
5. Having a place to look forward to being at after a long day at work
6. Our amazing deck and fenced in backyard for summer fun
7. Our wood floors
8. Cody loves his "mave cave"
9. Snuggling on the sofa at night with nothing to do!
10. All the help we have had from our family to make our dreams come true!
Those are just the little things!

Here's some pictures - in no particular order!

Extra bedroom - needs paint - badly ! The textured walls have made painting interesting!

Man Cave!

Outside of the house - we want to change the color eventually ...

Our bedroom

Stairs to deck in backyard

Mudroom .... I LOOOOVE our washer and dryer... This room has changed some because of the new addition to our house which you will see in a future post - Remmington the dog now lives down here...

Kitchen ... wonderful window in here

Living Room

Dining Space ... we are planning on purchasing some new dining room furniture soon!

Outside of the house

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