Thursday, February 19, 2009

18 Month Pictures

These are not the best quality of pictures for online viewing, as they are just thumbnails from the photo places website ... But the one we picked was the close up with the hat on, it has a bit more color , and CLARITY however!!

Here's a peak!

She was such a good little girl getting her pictures done, we were very proud of her. We are looking forward to her 2 year pictures, hoping that we can schedule something with Cory Ann, our wedding photographer!

Sweater from Auntie Karin and my room!

And here are some pictures of my room. My Grandma bought me this really cool antique that we use to put all of my books in! We moved it out into the living room now though, since I use it so much. The table Nana bought me for my birthday is in my room with all my barn stuff on it!!

This is my new sweater that I got from Christmas from Auntie Karin - mommy couldn't get the best picture of me, since I move around and do so much, it fits me really well still, so maybe this spring I'll do some playing outside in it!
Thank you Auntie Karin!

Fun with the Bierman Christmas!

Grace certainly had a good time at the Bierman Christmas the last weekend of January. Elyse, Ava, and Brianne were all her playmates.

Here is Grace and Elyse, just three months apart trying on hats together! What a pair those two are, and will become!

Oh yea, and these are mommy's new shoes that Nana bought her for her birthday, I think they fit me just fine, don't you?

Our Wedding Album

Here it is , we love it TONS!!!!


I don't think that these ever made it up on the blog after Amanda came to visit us in August, we went out to Camden State Park, and went for a long bumpy walk, and then for a dip in the freezing water.

This is what we are wishing the weather were like again!! Grace will be a maniac this summer!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

work .. work.. work ... Thankfully!

Well, it's pretty much semi-official, I am done with school...I just go to a senior seminar class that is a complilation of all our course work and a senior presentation.

So, thankfully, in these scary job times, I work everyday! If only I could work at the wonderful Lilibet's forever...however, my husband says I need a different job - bummer huh?

And we are also thankful that he is still working for Schwan's. So the job search is on for me...We'll see what happens in the next couple months.

I have good intentions of getting some recent pictures of Grace up on here...I have been terrible about taking her pictures lately, our camera is cooperating, so it is hard to want to take pictures when they don't turn out.

Spring is on it's way !! I HOPE!