Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here's a recap of our Saturday trip to the zoo. Cody wanted to go right away in the morning on Saturday so we could relax on Sunday, and he couldn't have been more was a great day, a little cool, but nice.

Grace was thrilled to not only be out and about but also see all the animals and learn the noises they make.

Daddy making sure G doesn't run off to be a snack to the lions! (Actually there weren't even lions there!)

Mommy and Grace

Cody and Me .. LOVE this photo!

Fruit Snack break!! Hanging out with the cheetahs!

Mommy and Grace

Monkeys ... there was a little little baby one! SOO cute!! And then the older sibling trying to each the lil one to climb!

Daddy and Grace

Gracie Girl


Daddy and Grace

Love this one of Cody and Grace !!

Mommy and Grace - what a sweetie

Llamas?! Grace loved this animal, mostly because it was making a big noisy fuss about something?! She loved it when they made noises!~

So much fun!

Cannot believe all the animals!

Our next trip to the zoo we hope to make up to the Twin Cities this summer.

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