Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday was such a beautiful day and we were so grateful for the nice weather. I don't think that Gracie Girl even needed to be wearing a hat or coat, but with her ears just getting done and her cough, mom was being a lil freaky!!

She had a great time playing in the garden, running in the yard, and her latest FAV is chalk! That girl had half of the chalk erased with her behind ... She's a crazy one !

Enjoying the garden warmth!

Nana and Grace headed for the swing ... oh the KIIITTTYYY is coming with!

I love chalk!

Busy making pretty colors and drawings for when Poppa came home.

Mommy, Grace, and Daddy....Busy chalkin up the driveway!

And finally, we went to the greenhouse with Nana to look at all their cool stuff.

Grace - Okay, by this time, I was super sassy, and Mommy and I had about 3 arguments at the greenhouse...Lovely! After this , we went to the store and Nana bought me LOTS of new stuff to play with out at their house, including a NEMO ball! Awesome! I'm sure my mom will post pictures of the goods later! Until then!

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