Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oooohhh , ooowwie!

Friday, May 1st, Grace had ear tubes put in, along with a lil bit of a fix on the inside of her lip. We were very ready for her to get ear tubes. I was SOOO proud of her. She went to the nurses without a fuss before hand ... and I thought she would come back SCREAMING because she wanted to see me. Nope! Neither, she was just a perfect lil girl with the nice nurses. The Dr. said her ears were filled with fluid and this procedure was probably the only way for it to get drained out. He also said her hearing was similiar to what it would be if we plugged our ears with our fingers. What a tropper. Here are some photos from Friday.

Just waiting for her turn to get her ears done! Brought her beloved baby along.

For some reason she thought she had an owie on her arm.

Afterwards, the trooper with Nana, oh yeah, eating cherrios only minutes after her lip had been cut! :)

More cherrios!! Give me food, and I'll be happy!

At home, watching "Nemo's" with Nana. Trying to make Gracie comfortable! Also showing off what I told her were her "pretties".

We already have noticed a big difference in how she feels, acts, and hears. We are very grateful that she had this procedure done, and hope that she will not have to be on anti-biotics non-stop anymore!

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