Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here's a recap of our Saturday trip to the zoo. Cody wanted to go right away in the morning on Saturday so we could relax on Sunday, and he couldn't have been more was a great day, a little cool, but nice.

Grace was thrilled to not only be out and about but also see all the animals and learn the noises they make.

Daddy making sure G doesn't run off to be a snack to the lions! (Actually there weren't even lions there!)

Mommy and Grace

Cody and Me .. LOVE this photo!

Fruit Snack break!! Hanging out with the cheetahs!

Mommy and Grace

Monkeys ... there was a little little baby one! SOO cute!! And then the older sibling trying to each the lil one to climb!

Daddy and Grace

Gracie Girl


Daddy and Grace

Love this one of Cody and Grace !!

Mommy and Grace - what a sweetie

Llamas?! Grace loved this animal, mostly because it was making a big noisy fuss about something?! She loved it when they made noises!~

So much fun!

Cannot believe all the animals!

Our next trip to the zoo we hope to make up to the Twin Cities this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in the Dirt!

Mother's Day afternoon was so beautiful, so after a lovely nap we went out to my parents house to enjoy the nice day. Nana bought quite a selection of new gardening tools for Grace, and luckily there is a spot in the garden which hasn't been planted yet. YAY! Grace LOVES to play in the dirt. Oh, and now she screams like her mom when she sees a worm, however, is much braver than I am and will try touching it! UCKY UCKY UCKY!!!



transferring ...




!Here are a few pictures from graduation , more to come from my moms memory card.

Just thought I would get you updated on what we have!

Me, Amanda Newman, and Besty Stoltz

Me, Krissy, and Brianna LOVE these girls ... I'm going to miss you three.

Allie, Kitsi, Myself, Jaci, and Karin - These girls will forever be guardian angels, mentors, and most of all - friends.

Grace figuring out Uncle Craig's hat - too fun!

There will be more to come soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sunday was such a beautiful day and we were so grateful for the nice weather. I don't think that Gracie Girl even needed to be wearing a hat or coat, but with her ears just getting done and her cough, mom was being a lil freaky!!

She had a great time playing in the garden, running in the yard, and her latest FAV is chalk! That girl had half of the chalk erased with her behind ... She's a crazy one !

Enjoying the garden warmth!

Nana and Grace headed for the swing ... oh the KIIITTTYYY is coming with!

I love chalk!

Busy making pretty colors and drawings for when Poppa came home.

Mommy, Grace, and Daddy....Busy chalkin up the driveway!

And finally, we went to the greenhouse with Nana to look at all their cool stuff.

Grace - Okay, by this time, I was super sassy, and Mommy and I had about 3 arguments at the greenhouse...Lovely! After this , we went to the store and Nana bought me LOTS of new stuff to play with out at their house, including a NEMO ball! Awesome! I'm sure my mom will post pictures of the goods later! Until then!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oooohhh , ooowwie!

Friday, May 1st, Grace had ear tubes put in, along with a lil bit of a fix on the inside of her lip. We were very ready for her to get ear tubes. I was SOOO proud of her. She went to the nurses without a fuss before hand ... and I thought she would come back SCREAMING because she wanted to see me. Nope! Neither, she was just a perfect lil girl with the nice nurses. The Dr. said her ears were filled with fluid and this procedure was probably the only way for it to get drained out. He also said her hearing was similiar to what it would be if we plugged our ears with our fingers. What a tropper. Here are some photos from Friday.

Just waiting for her turn to get her ears done! Brought her beloved baby along.

For some reason she thought she had an owie on her arm.

Afterwards, the trooper with Nana, oh yeah, eating cherrios only minutes after her lip had been cut! :)

More cherrios!! Give me food, and I'll be happy!

At home, watching "Nemo's" with Nana. Trying to make Gracie comfortable! Also showing off what I told her were her "pretties".

We already have noticed a big difference in how she feels, acts, and hears. We are very grateful that she had this procedure done, and hope that she will not have to be on anti-biotics non-stop anymore!

Radio/TV Banquet

scotty , char , and i

scotty, char, and i , in our finest

this is my favorite from the night ... i will miss these two characters!

scotty and i at the banquet .. he made my college career bearable!

leah and i , what a cutie

These folks are always so kind and invite me to their Radio/TV banquet, even though I am not technically a Radio/TV major. But here are a few moments caputred from this evening. I will especially miss Scotty, don't know what it will be like not living in the same city as him. Weird. Hopefully we don't end up too far apart, we can always meet in Sioux Falls, hopefully!