Friday, April 24, 2009


Here are a few pictures from Easter, thanks Grandma Michele for the beautiful dress for Valentines Day, it worked out perfectly for an Easter dress! Our camera is kind of on the fritz, so here are a few pictures that turned out, hopefully some cousins will get us some more pictures soon!

We spent the weekend with my mom's side of the family, since Grandma has been in a nursing home since February for her broken knee. It was nice that she was able to come and visit everyone for a little bit.

My dad had to leave before lunch was served on Easter to see Grandpa Bierman in the hospital. My cousins were nice enough to offer my mom and I a ride to Mankato to meet dad at the hospital so Dad would have someone to ride home with. It was nice to be able to see him at Easter too. He is gradually getting better, he is in a nursing home now too, for about a month to get some therapy. It is hard to watch the ones we love grow older. Cody and Grace were quite the troppers Easter weekend, he and Grace would go home and take a nap in peace, while I got some time to visit with the family. I have the best husband!