Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This post is long overdue , but we've had a few complications on the way.

Our brand new camera was lost and found , but found not in quite the condition we lost it in....so it's out of commission and not on the top of the priority list for purchases right now !

But here are some pictures from probably over a month ago with Grace and Grandma baking cookies at Grandma's house... you have to taste them of course!

The next 20-ish days cannot go fast enough , we are so grateful for the changes in our lives. We love and miss you all and wish we could be with everyone more often.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Girl

Thank you to everyone for all of the birthday wishes for miss Gracie Girl...we had a relaxing day on Tuesday, trying to keep things as normal as possible. With all of the changes she has going on in her life she has taken her sassiness to a whole new level , we are working on it though. I keep saying, now her sass is justified since she's two...goodness, everyone keeps telling me that 3 is worse! YIKES! Watch out!

Here are a few pictures from her actual birthday, I'll have to get my mom's camera to post pictures from her birthday party with daddy.


Thursday, July 2, 2009


A good girlfriend that I met through Lilibet's lives on a farm about 25 minutes from Marshall...Grace loves kitties, and Carol's house had some little ones this year. Carol invited us out, and Grace could NOT have had a better time.

I was so thankful to spend some time with Carol and her family before we left Marshall too. She is an amazing woman with a wonderful family and home. I'll miss seeing her weekly at Lilibet's!

Grace was just so amazed by the baby kitties, she hasn't seen a little cat before and thought it was awesome that she could pick these little ones up and drag them around!

The Lake

Some friends of ours invited us up to their lake cabin near Alexandria , and we were so thrilled that it worked out for us to spend the weekend with them. It was a nice weekend and as you can tell from the photos Grace certainly enjoyed herself.

We went to a duck pond in Alex, and her ultimate goal was to keep the duckies off of the grass and CHASE them full speed into the water. What a hoot...she is a fearless little stinker, and didn't realize that the geese would hurt if she let them try to eat bread from her hand.

She loved the boat, and was totally fine jumping out the back of the boat into the middle of the lake...however, once she was in she hung on tight to Momma and Daddy...
Isn't she a sweetie in that little sassy suit?? Love her!


Grandma's are there to tell Daddy's that its okay for little girl to pick flowers from the garden. What else are the flowers there for? Enjoyment!

Planting with Poppa

Grace learned the basics of planting with Poppa...how sweet are these pictures?

Then of course, she was back to her sassy self, and enjoyed helping Daddy hoist Poppa up into the trees to do some trimming. I love this nice weather we have been having. What do we tell little ones when winter comes and they cannot be outside everyday? Grace will be very sad.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Here's a recap of our Saturday trip to the zoo. Cody wanted to go right away in the morning on Saturday so we could relax on Sunday, and he couldn't have been more coreect...it was a great day, a little cool, but nice.

Grace was thrilled to not only be out and about but also see all the animals and learn the noises they make.

Daddy making sure G doesn't run off to be a snack to the lions! (Actually there weren't even lions there!)

Mommy and Grace

Cody and Me .. LOVE this photo!

Fruit Snack break!! Hanging out with the cheetahs!

Mommy and Grace

Monkeys ... there was a little little baby one! SOO cute!! And then the older sibling trying to each the lil one to climb!

Daddy and Grace

Gracie Girl


Daddy and Grace

Love this one of Cody and Grace !!

Mommy and Grace - what a sweetie

Llamas?! Grace loved this animal, mostly because it was making a big noisy fuss about something?! She loved it when they made noises!~

So much fun!

Cannot believe all the animals!

Our next trip to the zoo we hope to make up to the Twin Cities this summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in the Dirt!

Mother's Day afternoon was so beautiful, so after a lovely nap we went out to my parents house to enjoy the nice day. Nana bought quite a selection of new gardening tools for Grace, and luckily there is a spot in the garden which hasn't been planted yet. YAY! Grace LOVES to play in the dirt. Oh, and now she screams like her mom when she sees a worm, however, is much braver than I am and will try touching it! UCKY UCKY UCKY!!!



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