Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Wedding Photos

Here are some more wedding photos, from my Cousin Emily Trnka, Thank you!

Grace being a true flower girl by trying to pull petals off Cody's bout:

Cody and my mom:

Cody and his mom:

Our family

Gracie girl and I

Greeting line, my aunt Carolyn

Our wedding cake:

Yummy! Our dessert cakes placed on each table were DELICIOUS!

The table decorations

Gracie and Nana & Poppa, serious about the crabby puk!

Bierman Aunts and Uncles:

Elyse and I dancing ! Cute !

Dancing the night away!
Willy Wilcox and I , guess if there is no photo of Amanda and I , this will do!

The garter toss.....Dan was quite the MAN!

Grace and Elyse at gift opening, Grace LOVED Elyse, I hope that Elyse was tolerant enough of her. It was quite funny because Elyse was walking around, and Grace was not yet walking, but thought that Elyse was a "walking tool".....Too cute together. I didn't put any photos of Ava up yet, but she is quite adorable and they will certainly be quite the circus soon, and I am sure that big sis Briann will be a great ring leader!

Well there are some more photos to keep you all satisfied. Make sure that you page over to older posts because this will take up a lot of space I am sure.

Until later!

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  1. Love the pictures and the updates! Hope to see you soon! Love ya!


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