Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uh - Oh is right !

Yikes, what a mess !

Oh,well no better reason for a long bath!


Puppies, yes LOTS of puppies...A momma lab had 13 pups about 2 miles away from our Dad HAD to see them. They are so cute, they are all either chocolate or black, and both Cody and my Dad were in their GLORY.

However, Cody does not have room for a lab in our town house, and my parents still have Brook, who has felt quite sorrowful since Grace took over the place. So, no puppy for us, but they were sure cute!

P.S. For all you Marshall High School people, the daddy of the puppies is Todd VanLeuwe's dog...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Well, although these are all slightly late, I thought that I would put them in order of occurance anyway....

Father's Day amounted to be a very beautiful day, with not much to do. I felt much better than I did on Mother's Day when I unfortunately had the flu. So Grace, Cody, and I decided to head to the park and enjoy ourselves, until we nearly got decked in the head by near by kite flyers that happened to invade our space!

This photo is of Grace's FAVORITE cup from her Aunties Kitsi & Jaci, she is SO SERIOUS about this thing, it is HILARIOUS .... CUTIE