Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well the long weekend did not have successful weather for us. We mostly spent the weekend inside hanging out. We did get a couple chances to get out and enjoy the weather when it wasn't blowing 100 mph. I brought some fresh flowers into the house. Conveniently Grace was dressed in yellow, so we gave her a yellow tulip...She really took the tuLIP into detailed and kept putting it in her mouth of course.

My dad's parents and Grandma Fran came out on Monday for a nice visit. I swear I thought that the Grandma's were going to get into a fist fight. Grandma Bierman very considerately said that she was thankful that the tornado didn't effect Linda & Craig's. Grandma Fran proceeds to very assertively tell Irma that tornado's don't go into wooded areas. This turned into a near fistful argument. Oh, well...

Cody and I assembled invitations to the wedding this weekend, Miss Leslie is going to come out on Thursday night and address them for me. The other galies might come and help with some other tasks too!

Nana, we can't wait to hear how Egypt is! We love you and miss you lots ! Make sure you and Linda play the part of WonderPets so that you can save that baby camel!

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