Friday, May 30, 2008


Grace is learning so much each and every day ! As I posted last time, she is starting to learn "uh-oh" but says it more like ah-ooo...CUTE !

This morning we started teaching her shhhh! And it sounds more like a snake ! So we tell her "sshhh the baby is sleeeeeping!... shhhh " and she says SHHZZZ.....

She is just so hilarious! It is so nice to be able to be done with actual classes for the summer, I am taking an online course starting the end of June, but it will be nice to not have to go to class.

We are getting so excited about the wedding, YAY!

Until later....

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Cody and I went to look at a apartment/town house on Tuesday evening... Wednesday afternoon Cody called her and it's ours !

It will be open July 1st, but we probably won't be doing much with it until after the wedding...when we have more stuff to put in there ! :)

Cody is pretty excited .. It will work out perfectly for us to begin with, especially since we don't have to sign a lease for a certain amount of time. She just wants us to give her a 2 month notice if we want to leave. So that is WONDERFUL for our current situation. Plus it was a one stall garage two bedrooms with a walk in closet, a washer and dryer, DISHWASHER, and lots of storage downstairs. YIPPEE!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well the long weekend did not have successful weather for us. We mostly spent the weekend inside hanging out. We did get a couple chances to get out and enjoy the weather when it wasn't blowing 100 mph. I brought some fresh flowers into the house. Conveniently Grace was dressed in yellow, so we gave her a yellow tulip...She really took the tuLIP into detailed and kept putting it in her mouth of course.

My dad's parents and Grandma Fran came out on Monday for a nice visit. I swear I thought that the Grandma's were going to get into a fist fight. Grandma Bierman very considerately said that she was thankful that the tornado didn't effect Linda & Craig's. Grandma Fran proceeds to very assertively tell Irma that tornado's don't go into wooded areas. This turned into a near fistful argument. Oh, well...

Cody and I assembled invitations to the wedding this weekend, Miss Leslie is going to come out on Thursday night and address them for me. The other galies might come and help with some other tasks too!

Nana, we can't wait to hear how Egypt is! We love you and miss you lots ! Make sure you and Linda play the part of WonderPets so that you can save that baby camel!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Missing Nana

Nana ! We really miss you already !! We cannot believe that you are all the way over in Europe...My mom said that you aren't on camels yet, but be sure to let me know when you are, we have been watching the Wonder Pets and talking about camels a lot!

It was very funny when I picked up Grace from Markel's yesterday, she gave me lots of BIG kisses. Markel said that Dereck was laying on the floor on his back, and Grace went over to him and gave him a BIG kiss; Markel said, Grace are you giving Dereck KISSES? And she went over and gave him another one! What a love bug.

Hopefully these pictures come up on here with our SLOW SLOW computer...I still don't understand that one either. Well anyway, I'll be sending you an e-mail so be sure to check it!



Long Weekend

Urgh, it is nice to finally have a LONG weekend. Cody, Grace, and I pretty much lounged around the house and got everything all cleaned up. It was TERRIBLY windy today, we were sure that my mom would be blowing in from Greece as the wind was strong from the east.

We also had the power go out for about 2 hours this morning. It was nice when the lights were back on so we could make the coffeecake that had it's ingredients sitting on the counter for two hours.

Cody and I started assembling our invitations today. I thought that we would kill each other if we did it together, but it actually was quite fun. Some girlfriends will be helping me finish them this week.

Not much else new around here!


- Love , us.


Look at what we got in the mail today ! Whoo-Hoo!

My wedding invitations are done, now I have to rally the troops and get them all assembled and sent out early this next week...

We still miss you Nana!.. By the way, Poppa wanted us to send you this picture. His bird feeder from Emily is really a hit! The finchies LOVE it.. we even saw a bluebird on there today. Also, Poppa put out hummingbird food and there was a visitor in about 10 minutes.